SNL #43: Gobble Gobble

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We discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan favorite posts of the week, top stackers and so much more for the week of November 26th, 2022.
Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan favorite posts of the week, and top stackers.

We discuss:
  1. Is El Salvador's president Bukele a dictator? Native Salvadoran, @BitcoinSanity, shares their perspective in How and Why They're Gaslighting You About Supporting El Salvador & Bitcoin. IMHO making Bitcoin legal tender rather than establishing another fiat currency is an awfully weird choice for an alleged dictator, but what do I know.
  2. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most dominant lightning implementation of them all? LND makes up 91.17%, followed by CLN with 7.01% and Eclair with 1.82%, according to research conducted by @heisenberg in Proportion of Lightning node implementations. Using the advertised cltv_deltas of nodes on the network, whose default value varies among implementations, @heisenberg was able to deduce which node is which implementation, and give a kind of demography of the lightning network.
  3. Lightning is hitting puberty as industry as @roy, CEO of Breez, observes in The Maturation of Lightning: Growing Up by Going Vertical. @roy suggests we are exiting an AOL-like phase of Lightning and entering a phase of increasing diversification and specialization among applications. Enjoy the precambrian days of Lightning while you can!
  4. I am hodlonaut, taco pleb and editor/publisher of Citadel21 - AMA
  5. I'm Michael Atwood, founder of Oshi & organizer of Austin Bitcoin Club. AMA.
and why Keyan is quoting Steve Jobs this week. For the week of November 26th, 2022.

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SNL #43: Gobble Gobble
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