SNL #70: EDM

SNL #70: EDM

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers.

Show notes by Car


00:00 k00b's EDM party

04:32 Nobody should suggest using a Raspberry Pi for running a Bitcoin node in 2023!!! exclaims @0331a73357 arguing it's easier to find more powerful, versatile, and reliable used computers for running bitcoin nodes.

8:37 Over 40 people showed up over 1st ever bitcoin meetup in Havana Cuba 🇨🇺 shows there are more bitcoiners around you than you think.

10:53 New Nostr Logo?

13:40 The Zen of Stacking Sats On Stacker News written by @siggy47 reveals the secret of stacking sats on Stacker News: providing value.

17:49 Forbes wrote an article on fiatjaf, the inventor of nostr. While they covered a lot of ground, they still didn't find out what "jaf" means.

26:54 How Voltage uses Google Cloud to scale its Bitcoin Lightning - Google Cloud Blog

32:10 What Keyan like this week on SN 

33:11 SN release: standalone PWA, thread subscriptions, version transparency, and more

38:50 Super "Super Stack" segment

43:40 What are we doing this week

For the week of June 2nd, 2023.

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