SNL #71: Make News Great Again with Super Testnet

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  • 00:00 Austin TX is HOT and @K00b is gettin sweaty.
  • 01:21 John Perry Barlow of the Grateful Dead was one of the original Cypherpunks – he even wrote the Cypherpunk manifesto. Amazing!
  • 5:31 Musig let’s you do multisig transactions with just a single signature. WHAAAT?!? SuperTestnet doesn’t know shit about the Grateful Dead, but K00b doesn’t know shit about Musig.
  • 11:25 It’s discovered that Amethyst users are effectively being censored by an overzealous ‘Report’ spam feature in the app. So TonyGiorgio forked the whole damn thing, creating Onyx, a new censorship resistant Nostr client for Android.
  • 16:45 Shitcoiners be getting rekt, Game of Thrones style.
  • 23:16 Matt Odell predicts that Twitter’s Blue checkmark is Elon Musk’s first step in turning Twitter into WeChat and bringing China’s social credit score system to the west. Brrr… I just got the shiverrrs.
  • 30:36 Bitcoin Maxis and religion. Top Story, hand picked by @ThrillerX_ (and pooped on by @K00b)
  • 36:49 Prime Trust acquired by BitGo and all kinds of dominos falling. Top Story, hand picked by @K00b
  • 40:47 @ThrillerX_ anticipates the collapse of crypto could lead to hyper-Bitcoinization blowing the Stacker News ‘J-curve’ sky high. @K00b would have to shut it down – but he can’t get his J-curve up.
  • 42:36 The next sub~ to be added to Stacker News is likely to be ~Tech. It would join ~Bitcoin, ~Nostr and ~Jobs. ~Porn was a close second.
  • 49:18 Top Stackers & Spenders. @ThrillerX_ finds a cowboy hat and now wants an entire cowboy ensemble.
Everybody’s homework for tonight is to make 5 stacker accounts. ZAP!
- Show notes by @SatoshiNakanodo
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For the week of June 10th, 2023.

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SNL #71: Make News Great Again with Super Testnet
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